Monday, December 20, 2010

sentimental journey . . . ......

This morning as I was walking to the baby house I realized that it might be the LAST time I make that walk!  So I slowed down, and took some pictures and tried to soak it all in.  The sounds and smells, what I was seeing.   I want to be able to describe to the kids what it is like here in their birth country.   

By the time I got to the baby house, I was sad.  Oh I know, I should be overjoyed...... and in some ways I am.  Believe me, I am ready to bring our children home!  But what will be a happy and special day for us will be a tortuous day for them.  This is all they have ever known.  The nannies have been their mothers and teachers.  A group of 6 - 10 children have been their playmates and essentially brothers and sisters.  This large building has been the only home they've ever known.  They have a routine, a place in this little society.  And in a day or two I am going to take them away from here to start a whole new life.  They've known me less than a month!  You can imagine how their little hearts will be breaking, how scared they will feel!  I know in a few months they will be fine, adjusting to knew sounds and foods, a whole new language, new friends and best of all ..........a family. 


  1. wow honey that is a very queit and soft thought thank you for sharing I know I know you love the kid alot I am happy that you are there and that you are so thoughtful I love you and look forward to seeing you soon

    Love Jon

  2. Good luck tomorrow. We will be thinking about you. Mom and Dad are really excited to meet the kids.

    We love you,

  3. It will be a very hard couple of days till they get used to being out of the orphanage. They will test you, be mad at you, grieve and be royal pain in the behinds! But it WILL be worth it in the end. You have to be strict, set boundaries and do not be afraid to say no.
    close!!!! hugs!

  4. By now you have probably finished your train ride and reached your destination. I'm wondering how things went as you left the orphanage. I hope that all is well, we'll keep you in our prayers and wish for a transition that is as smooth as possible. There are sure to be some tough times, but you'll get through it. Mom and dad are on their way and should be there soon if they don't get held up by weather in Frankfurt. We're glad that you'll have some extra hands and support to get through the next few days and make your way back home. Anxious to hear how things are going.
    Love ya, Ranelle