Friday, December 10, 2010

all by myself. . . .

Jon left for Kiev tonight, he will fly out early Sunday morning :'(   yep, I'm lonely!  I am counting the days until my parents come, it's 12.   We saw the kids this morning and had a pretty good visit.  Sasha, I mean SAWYER, was not too thrilled to see us, he was in the middle of play time or something and threw a royal hissyfit when we got him dressed for playing.  Jon took him for a walk until he calmed down and then he was fine.  Kenzie was content to "read" to herself most of the visit, by the pictures I think it was Snow White and she was so cute reading out loud and pointing to the pictures!  I tried to get a video of it but the hallway was too noisy today with other kids playing.  There is a couple here from Spain adopting a little boy named Sasha, Jon has talked with them some but his Spanish is not quite the same as theirs.  From what he gathers, they had court yesterday too and everything was successful.  I think they have had some complications along the way with their paperwork.  Becky, I think this is the Sasha you mentioned, with the shortened leg, he is really cute, dark hair and blue eyes.  Anyway, we were able to get our first family picture today thanks to the Spanish couple.  We tried to ask the nannies to take it but they thought we wanted to take a picture of them with the kids!  So we did and I'm glad! We'll have a great keepsake for the kids, the nannies really do care about the children.  They are happy that they have a family, but they have all been giving Sawyer and Kenzie a little extra attention the last couple of days as they know we will be leaving soon.  Thanks for all of the happy thoughts and support,  I'm not sure it has sunk in yet that we are actually parents!
one last visit with Daddy

hopefully the next family photo will be better!

post nothing ever happened

a few of the nannies


  1. Well, it won't be long now and all of you will be on your way home. Can you volunteer at the groupa so you have something to do while you wait. How far are you from the city? Hey kiddo,we liked the pictures; the Nanies look to be a great group of ladies. It must be hard for them to become close with the kids and then have to see them go, even though I'm sure they are happy to know they are going to a good family and a new life. We are very proud of you and Jon for accepting this great challenge and responsibility. Your lives will never be the same but the joys of parenthood, both the good times and the bad, and the joys of watching your children blossum are irreplaceable. So look to the future and all the great times you and your children will share. Hang in their, we will be along soon,love Mom and Dad.

  2. Sorry your lonely but I'm sure the time will fly by and it will give you more time with your kids. Hang in there only 12 days to go. I like your first family picture you will have many years ahead of you to get more.


  3. love the family photo :) praying the 10 day wait goes by quickly with NO excitement :) :) Hugs!!

  4. Yep! I'm sure that's my Sasha going home to Spain. I'm sure his parerwork was messed up because of that other family. I put his picture in the pics album on the 19 group. I'm so happy he has a new family!

    I was only be myself 4 days before my sister came and I was lonely and bored, and I had the Obies next door! I'm thinking of you and if you want to skype one day or night just holler! Take care and you will be home so soon!

  5. Sam and Jon....CONGRATS!!! Im so happy for you both.. the pictures are great... i cant wait to meet the kids in person..hope time is not that bad for you... watch before you know it you will be home!!! Priscilla

  6. Dear Sam, I am so happy for you and Jon, what great looking kids you have, I cannot wait to see them and get to know them. Please keep in touch, I am going to love having another Great Niece and Nephew. Congratulation!!! Come see me when you can. Love you bunches, Aunt Billie

  7. Enjoy this alone time. You will rarely ever have a minute to yourself for the next many years :)

    But... they will be the best times of your life. Just embrace the whole experience. Be grateful for each moment, the good and the bad. Each is an opportunity to build an eternal relationship that will bring you many wonderful blessings.

  8. Jon has made it home finally wow what a trip home hope that Sam and Kids are well

  9. Grampa and Grandma goodmanDecember 13, 2010 at 9:22 AM

    what beautiful babies this is really exciting I am glad I finally am able to get online to see the kids

  10. Congratulations Sam and Jon!

    I am so happy for both of you! Kenzie and Sawyer are adorable! Thanks to your posts I have been able to catch up - thanks for sharing. Enjoy every minute. It was great seeing you at the airport on the day you left Phx. I hope we can reconnect once you are back and settled. Travel safe. Hugs to all, Linda C