Wednesday, December 22, 2010

gotcha ! !

Well yesterday was our "gotcha" day, and boy was it LONG!!  We left Nikolaev at 6am and went to the towns where Kenzie and Sawyer were born, that took most of the day as they were in opposite directions from each other and it was very foggy.  Sometimes you could barely see the car in front of you!  When we got back to Nikolaev we went to the notary,then to the baby house to get permission to withdraw money from bank.  The government gives each orphan money and we donate it back to the orphanage in the children's name.  Let me tell ya' there were some ticked off Ukrainians at the bank!  We were short on time, so Sasha called ahead and made an "appointment", which really means we just got permission from the bank to cut to the front of the line........ it must have been payday or something because the bank was full!  So in we go, right to the front, we're both the smallest people in there and I'm obviously foreign with not even a coat on.  They take FOREVER, people are getting angry, and they give us the biggest stack of money I've ever seen!  Sasha says "go! go very fast! "  the car is literally right outside the door on the sidewalk and off we go!  Back to the baby house to the accountant for a receipt ( 40,000 gr), sign some more papers ( i have NO idea what ), and of to the passport office which closes at 5 and its 4:30.  Sasha called ahead and explained to them that we were coming and the director agreed to wait,  when we got there he told Sasha that he could only give one child a passport and the other one would be here next week!  What?? "Ha Ha !  I'm just kidding " he says, she wanted to kick him!  Really though,  Sasha thinks we got the VERY last one day passports!  Thank goodness!  By the time we left the passport office it was after 5:30, the train leaves at 7.  We went to my apartment and literally threw everything in the suitcase and garbage bags and headed for the baby house.  Once we got there, we gave the nannies the children's clothes so that I could go meet with the Dr. to get their medications and instructions.  Well you know darn good and well that those kids weren't getting out of there without eating!  The nannies promised to feed them quickly and dress them while I was with the Dr. , that was an interesting meeting from nursing standpoint!  They are very particular how the meds should be given, and how to mix them.  It took me a while to understand what they were trying to tell me because it just goes against everything I've ever been taught as a nurse!  Eventually I got it and it's all written down for me.... in Russian!   Then it was time!  The moment I've  been dreading and looking forward to for SO long.  The nannies had the kids dressed and ready to go, all of their groupa was there, the nannies, and some of the staff.  We said our goodbyes,  I told the nannies thank you from me and all of my family,  yes the nannies and I cried and we walked out of the baby house for the LAST time.  I will finish the story and post pictures later, we made it and we all survived!  My parents should be here in about an hour and I am going to get the kids fed. 


  1. so so happy for all of you!!!!! teh best is yet to come!

  2. I'm glad to hear that everything went well! I'm looking forward to the rest of the story. Talk to you soon.


  3. Hey sweetie I am super super happy that you made it you are the greatest it sounds like you had a crazy day I am glad that you made I hope that you parents made it there and that all is well can not wait to see the pics and to hear more abou tthe day

    Love You

  4. I'm so so so excited for you and just in tears knowing your kiddos are with you! Two less kids waiting for their family at 19!

    Congratulations Sam and Jon. And Kenzie and Sawyer.

  5. Crazy day! Don't leave us hanging too long, I want to hear how your first moments alone went with the kids and how things are going with mom and dad there too. Can't wait to see you all, I'm really sad that we'll be out of town when you arrive back home :(

    Love, Ranelle

  6. Hey woman, so glad everything is going good. Can't wait to hear about all of your experiences! Looking forward to seeing more pics! Hope you all have a safe trip HOME :) :) Christy & Tommy

  7. Dear Sam, Family and friends,
    I thought I would share a few thoughts with you I know that Sam the kids and Nick and Pat are sleeping right now but I want this to be there when they wake up.I have to say first that I think that inch for inch in statue that Sam has more courage and stay than almost any person I know she has tackled a enormous task to handle a great feat and fought for a family very hard and with great determination. she has passion and love I know that she has given this christmas a great meaning by giving it the gift of changing a place called home by two to a place of warmth and hope a place of shelter more than just a home it is now a family. what a gift to give this holiday season this is not easy for me to say I am not really a big fan of this holiday and yet this year it has been a very emotional one for me I have to say that I am very grateful for the help and gift of time help from Sam's Parents in getting her and the kids home safe. I am also very grateful for her family and mine family and our friends with the outpouring of support and help I have to say that it has been a very touching and deep time in my life I have felt more raw emotion in the last three weeks than I have in a few years. I feel that I am the recieving a gift this season when other are saying that our children are recieving a great gift the season of a home and parents I am sure that my life will never be the same in ways that I have no way of understanding due to the fact that I have never been a parent before I due to the fact that I have a lot of great examples of those around me to look at and to learn from I sure that I can make it thru I would like Sam, Kenzie and Sawyer to know that I am greateful for them this season I hope that I make you as happy this year as I feel as I write this letter to you I would post it as part of the blog if I knew how but the is one of those things that is Sam's niche I wish all of you there in Kiev a Very Very Merry christmas as you are so far away you should know that you are right here with me I have look at the blog a dozen times today. I am waiting and ready for you to come home and keep me up all night for the first few nights as you adjust to the time change a settle in I Miss you and I know that you will have a good Christmas I am very grate that Sam and the kids are with family and that they have family and friends here that love them and support them I think rather than there being two less orphans in the world today there is one less home without the laughter of children the love of a family the pains of growth in a family and the knowledge and teachings that are the gifts that are passed on from generation to generation

    Merry Christmas Family
    Sam, Kenzie, Sawyer and Nick, Pat

    Love Jon