Thursday, December 16, 2010

pictures as promised

The sun was out almost all day today!  I saw the kids this morning, came home and had some lunch then I headed to the market.  Oh how I wish I had taken the camera!  Today was poultry day at the market, chickens, turkies, pheasant.  You name it, they had it!  All displayed on the sidewalks, cardboard boxes and tables of the vendors.....some had guts, some had feet still attached, some were stuffed for your convenience with carrots and guts!  Very interesting indeed....
I found shoes for the kids, I hope they fit.  The drawings we made of the kids feet were not that helpful, so I just guessed.  The nice lady I bought them from tried to help me, I was able to tell her I needed them for a 2 year old boy and 3 year old girl.  I think Sawyer's may be a little big, but we can stuff the toes or something and then maybe he will get a little more use out of them.  Kenzie is going to be stylin', she got some tall lace up black ones! (don't worry Jon, they have a zipper on the side!)  I also got him one pair of tights and her two, they are alot cheaper here than at home and they are nice and thick.  I wasn't going to get him any because he won't be wearing them at home, but they are so used to being bundled up I'm afraid he will freeze!  Which leads me to my next purchase..... some insulated pants for each of them.  It ended up being about $50 dollars for everything, so not too bad.   
Thought I should take a picture of the's rare!

This is the courtyard where we play, the groupa is on the left
Sawyer playing in the snow

He was afraid to touch it with his hands

looking out from the courtyard at the orphanage grounds

Sleigh Ride !!!!
Doesn't he look excited?
Hello family !!!

walking through the park

She insisted on pulling him by herself, didn't work out so well!
She was less than pleased, and then let me help her

Sawyer helped me build a snowman !


  1. Hey sweetie
    I have to say that it was great to see new photos of you guys I am feeling a little envy of you those are some great moments in life that oyu are having enjoy them and remember to keep smiling I am glad you got the kids stockings and boots. that market sounds pretty cool a lot like the one in kiev

    Love You

  2. Great Pictures!Kenzie is so cute all that hair that is going to be so much fun I love it when the girls have a lot of hair thats the way Hailey was it was so much fun getting her ready and Sawyer is so tall and thoses big blue eyes what a stud.I cant wait to meet them it sounds like everything is going good so far you are all in our prayers.We love you

  3. Your pictures turned out great! It looks like you guys are having fun. Sounds like you had a good time shopping, hopefully your shoes fit. The kids had their Christmas programs today, they turned out good. Ella misses going to your house. She keeps asking when we are going to feed Max. Hope you have a great day. Only a couple days left and they will officially be yours. Pretty exciting!

  4. Love the little sled the kids look so cute great snowman!!! Looks like your having fun to, the market sounds interesting can't wait to visit it. See you soon.
    Mom And Dad

  5. Great pictures. Things look so different yet so the same with all that snow. I see Isaiah's play area in the picture where Kenzie fell in the snow.

  6. I'm so glad its going good and the snow looks great i wish we had some snow it would feel more like christmas.
    I'm so happy for you and excited being a mom is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. You look so great and happy with them i can't wait to meet them! they are the perfect age to be best friends with Ellie, she needs a little girl to play with all her other cousins that are her age are boys. Its funny but i think that kenzie and Ellie look a little like each other, except all that hair she has, i wish ellie had more hair its a pain. anyway love seeing you guys and can't wait to see you
    Love Marba

  7. Love the pictures--you look like a family! Sounds like you had a great time playing in the snow. I like the sticks coming out of the snowman's eyes. I'll show that to my boys in the morning--they'll totally crack up. Enjoy the snow... we had our Christmas program today, and with the class full of family and friends, we had to open a door and turn on the fans because it got hot. Cade and I are on winter break--Yea! Keegan's only a half day away. Can't wait to see you all after Christmas and meet the kids!
    Love, Ranelle

  8. Haha, would you like your chicken with or without a head? Feet or no feet? Innards? Now imagine that in the HEAT! It was so gross and smelly when they had chicken day at hte market when we were there and it was warm.

    All this snow and these kiddo's are going home to a nice warm state! They aren't goin to know what to do with the warm sun on their skin and not being bundled up!