Sunday, July 3, 2011

long overdue update!!

Well .......
What a whirl wind our life has been! It has been fun, crazy, new, and so much more! The kids have adjusted so fast they are full of life and questions, the progress they have made is mind blowing.  We are on our toes all the time!  They love the dog Dixie and the horses, they are always looking for the cat Max's hiding places. Saywer has finally mastered the potty training idea, that has been a fun road.  Kenzie has really opened up to new foods the last couple of months and that has been a relief they both still love bananas.  They also enjoy the water, Sawyer just goes all out for it, Kenzie has to work in to it but once she is in look out!   Also, to our great surprise they travel very well in thier car seats. The first time in car seats from the airport they freaked out, but they adjusted very fast and now do great.  They have found that they have lots of cousins and neighbors to play with and that Grandparents are the greatest!  They love going to their grandparents and want to help with everything and to know what, why and how when they help.  It is almost comical sometimes, we have to keep an eye on them when they are outside, they have decided that they like to throw their toys over the fence into the neighbors' yard!  They have pretty good arms!  They still surprise us all the time and we are learning and growing together as a family.  Here are a few pics of our new life......

planting the garden with daddy
say what??

girl  LOVES her hats and boots

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  1. glad to see an update lady! Sawyer has really grown, so white haired and tan! He's adorable! And Kenzie's hair has grown, she's beautiful as ever.